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LJ is doing this thing where comms that have not been active in 24 months will be deleted. I'd prefer it if things stayed alive as long as possible, even if for historical purposes, so hopefully this post will keep this community in existence.
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I finished!


And! In a classic Olympic story of bravely triumphing over tragedy, I would like to point out that when I woke up today my yarn looked like it had been attacked by a vicious monster (because it had), and I had to spend FIVE (5!) hours untangling and rewinding it. But! I did it, and I finished my socks at about 1am.

I want everyone else to post their victory pictures. Haven't finished yet? Finish anyways and post when you do finish. No giving up!

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Seven days left! How are y'all doing? You should be more than halfway done with your projects by now.

I myself just hit the halfway mark a few hours ago. I finished Sock #1, and now I have to knit another. I'm a little bit panicked by this, but I think I can pull it off. I will just have to sleep less.

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