Finish Line!

I finished!


And! In a classic Olympic story of bravely triumphing over tragedy, I would like to point out that when I woke up today my yarn looked like it had been attacked by a vicious monster (because it had), and I had to spend FIVE (5!) hours untangling and rewinding it. But! I did it, and I finished my socks at about 1am.

I want everyone else to post their victory pictures. Haven't finished yet? Finish anyways and post when you do finish. No giving up!

One week left!

Seven days left! How are y'all doing? You should be more than halfway done with your projects by now.

I myself just hit the halfway mark a few hours ago. I finished Sock #1, and now I have to knit another. I'm a little bit panicked by this, but I think I can pull it off. I will just have to sleep less.


How's everyone doing? I just realized that we have a week and two days left. Yikes.

Here's what I have so far:

That's 7.5 inches of sock cuff.

By next Sunday, I have to finish this sock and knit another. Uhhhh I need to get on that. But! I am very close to turning my first ever heel, so that is exciting.

What about everyone else?
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Progress, anyone?

Hey, how are you guys doing on your projects? I'm having trouble finding that coveted motivation, maybe hearing about everyone else is doing will help. So far, I've gotten two out of the five motifs required for the back of my jacket knitted, and...erm...let's not talk about the writing?

Anyone kicking more ass than me? (Probably yes!)
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Changing my Project

I am changing my craft_olympics project, because I started writing it last night, and it's a little too serious for me. I want to spend a little more than 17 days on it, and also, I think it'll be tough switching back and forth between it and xlormp. Also, writing that much sort of puts me in hideout mode, and I don't really want to be there right now, soo...

I'm doing TWO projects. Actually, I'm bending the rules a tad and finishing two projects.

1. I will have xlormp finished by the end of the Olympics!

2. This project, for those of you with ravelry accounts. If you don't, it's called the Tree of Life Mosaic Jacket. It's already a WIP, but it's not very far in. I've only done less than 1/4 of the back, and that's it.

WHY THIS IS A CHALLENGE: The knitting is more of a challenge than the writing, since I'm halfway through xlormp already. But the knitting will be a challenge for the following reasons:

* It's a charted pattern, so I can't just mindlessly stockinette.

* It's two colors with a little bit of intarsia, so I have to pay attention to which color I'm using.

* It's got unusual construction, so I have to make sure I'm following the pattern carefully.

AND THAT'S IT. Don't hate me!
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My Project!

So I realized I hadn't posted about my project here, yet! I'm going to be writing a book, 50,000 words. This time I've got an idea, though!

A while back, syntheticjesso posted about a dream she had:

Collapse )

I replied with this: Collapse )

And so my craft_olympics project was discovered. I'm panicked and terrified because I'm in the middle of another book right now, so we'll see if I can keep up writing both of them. OH BOY.
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i'ma gon' try to write and record a song on each of the 16 days. each will be at least 30 seconds long. i will upload the resulting EP (being realistic, as an album would mean at least 20 minutes, at least to me) for your listening displeasure.