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Citius, Altius, Fortius

Faster, Higher, Stronger

The Crafting Olympics
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Olympic Crafting

The [Insert Hobby Or Craft Here] Olympics

Eligibility: Anyone who wishes to challenge themselves in their chosen hobby and is crazy enough to give themselves an insane deadline.

Concept: Over the course of 16 days (that is how long the 2008 Summer Olympics will run) you must start and complete a project that will challenge you.

1. The project must be a challenge for you to complete in 16 days. I knit a DNA shrug in the first Olympics, and kandigurl wrote a novel. Pick something that will stretch you and challenge you.
2. There are no rules about what a challenge would be. Like the Olympics, there can be many different things going on at once. Use your own conscience. If in doubt, ask the community, that is why we are here!
3. Pick something challenging, but not impossible. Olympians perform amazing feats, but they do not do the impossible; they know their limits and while they may push those limits, they do not aim for impossibilities.
4. No starting before 7:08am EST on August 8, 2008.
5. Finish before 11:59pm on August 24, 2008. Exact time subject to change.
6. You may "train" before the Olympics. (For us knitters, this would include swatching and getting gauge, finding/making a pattern, etc... for other hobbies/crafts, this will obviously vary. Basically, dipping your toes in the water is okay. Starting is not. Ask me if you're unclear)

In the [Insert Hobby Or Craft Here] Olympics you either get the Gold or you get nothing. You are not competing against anyone but yourself and the deadline. You earn bragging rights and the knowledge that you made it, and let me tell you, that's exciting.

How do I get in on this?
If you want to be part of the [Insert Hobby Or Craft Here] Olympics, join the community. It is open to everyone who wants to join. This will consume 16 days of your life, but it will be so very worth it.

During the course of the Olympics, I will make a post each morning for everyone to update with their status. This way everyone's f-lists won't be spammed, but we can all cheer each other on. Pictures of progress are awesome, if applicable, but just reports will also be perfectly fine. Especially if taking pictures or scanning your work will take too much time away from actually working on your project, because finishing is the important thing.

Feel free to post encouragements and motivations, though. That's what this community is for, after all.